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Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese restaurant in located on the 9th floor of the hotel. The roof top, known as the Sandpit, hosts the Chinese restaurant, our pool, and an open air bar. Our very hospitable Chinese chef, specializes in preparing Chinese and Tai dishes. With an interior design that depicts the Chinese culture, and our array of dishes designed for the occasion, you instantly get the feeling that you are back in an Asian country.

Guests could order a Tom yam kung, which is served with chicken or prawns. this dish is famous world wide for its sour and spicy taste, but once it enters the mouth, its very sweet. It could be served a clear broth or served with a dash of coconut milk.

The Pat-thai Goong Sog is also a very popular dish. This meal consists of fried rice and noodles cooked with prawn egg tamarind sauce. If you are a vegetarian, then you may like to try the Broccoli in brown sauce, which is a meal of fresh steamed broccoli, cooked with brown sauce and laid over vegetables.

Usage Rules
Meal rates are varied depending on order. Kindly review our menu for rates.

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